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Sun Control Landscapes

Trees for your home

Sun Control Landscapes LLC


Afghan Pine

Aleppo Pine

Arizona Ash

Bismark Blue Palm

Blue Palo Verde

California Fan Palm

Cascalote Tree

Chilean Mesquite.jpg

Chinese Evergreen Elm

Chitalpa Tropical Willow

Desert Muesum Palo Verde

Desert Willow.

Evergreen Pear Tree

Foothills Palo Verde

Ironwood tree

Littleleaf Acacia.

Mediterranean Fan Palm

Mesquite Crown Jewel

Mexican Blue Palm

Mexican Fan Palm.jpg

Mulga Acacia

Palo Blanco Acacia

Palo Brea Palo Verde

Pigmy palm.jpg

Pineapple Palm

Red Oleander Tree

Shamel Ash

Shoestring acacia.jpg

Southern Live Oak

Swan Hill Olive

Texas Ebony

Texas Mt Laurel.jpg


Vitex Chase Tree

Willow Acacia

Yellow Oleander Tree