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Sun Control Landscapes

Shrubs for Arizona and California

'Tuscan Blue' Rosemary

Black Dalea

Bougainvillea Barbara Karst

Bougainvillea Purple


Callistemon Little John

Cape Honeysuckle

Carolina Jasmine Vine

Chihuanhuan Texas Sage

Desert Cassia_jpg.j

Desert Ruellia

Duranta Sky Flower

Dwarf Compact Pink Texas Sage

Dwarf Pink Oleander

Dwarf Red Oleander_jpg.jpg

Dwarf White Oleander

Eremophila maculata Valentine

Feathery Green Senna

Gardenia Veitchii

Green Cloud Texas Sage_jpg.jpg

Green Hopseed Bush

Jojoba Plant

Lilac Vine

Mexican Bird of Paradise

Mexican Honeysuckle_jpg.jpg

Purple Fountain grass

Purple Hopseed Bush

Red bird of paradise

Regal Mist Deer Grass

Ruellia Brittoniana Purple (Common Ruellia)_jpg.jpg

Tecoma Arizona Yellow Bells

Tecoma orange jubilee

Texas Mountain laure

Thunder cloud Texas Sage

Torch Glow Bougainvillea_jpg.jpg

Upright Blue Ranger Texas sage

Violet Silver Leaf Texas Sage

White Cloud Texas Sage