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Sun Control Landscapes

Ground cover examples for Arizona

Acacia Desert Carpet

Angelita Daisy

Baby Sun Roses

Blackfoot Daisy

Boxwood Beauty Natal Plum

Bulbine Orange

Bulbine Yellow

bush morning glory

Chilean Ice Plant Pink

Dalea Sierra Gold

Dalea Trailing Indigo

Dallas Red Lantana

Damianita Daisy

Desert marigold

Dwarf Pink Ruellia

Dwarf Purple Ruellia

Dwarf White Ruellia

Firecracker Penstemon

French Lavender

Gaura Whirling Butterflies

Gazania Trailing Sun Gold

Globe Mallow

Kangaroo Paw

Lantana 'New Gold'

Lantana 'Confetti'

Lantana, Trailing Purple

Mexican Evening Primrose

Mexican Poppies

Parry's Penstemons

Prairie Sunset Rain Lillies


salvia greggii 'Sierra Linda'

Salvia leucantha


Sandpaper verbena

Setcreasea pallida Purple Heart

Spanish Lavender

Trailing Myoporum

Verbena peruviana Pink

Verbena peruviana Purple

White Rain Lillies

Yellow Dots